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Uping dose of clomid.?

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19/11/2009 at 21:26
i am currently on 50mg's of clomid been on it for 3 months now and i have ovulate but not got pregnant they have given me 30 tablets to last me the next three months ??? what would be benefits of going up to 100mg be? and is it work trying?
6 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.

we have had all the tests and i know that it is mainly due to me not ovulating properly (serve PCOS), i am on 50mg's which worked on cycle one and i ovulated 2 eggs then cycle 2 i only had one egg and it took ages to mature, and just about to finish 3rd cycle they didn't check this month as i had exams and such long story, anyways because we are young couple they left us almost 2 years before even testing us, and when they did they done everything but only offered us 6months on clomid they don't want to see us back until that 6months is up which makes it early february before we see them, they only want to see us before that if i get pregnant, they put a letter through to my normal doctor to give us 30 clomid tablets of 50mg's, the doctor said about taking 100mg for cycles 4-5 and then 150mg's for cycle 6 to give us a better chance of acutally getting pregnant...
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