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Women undergoing needless IVF because clinics ignore male fertility
Hundreds of IVF cycles are unsuccessful because they wrongly focus on female infertility, according to experts

25 January 2012

IVF treatment for older women needs “greater freedom”
Risk of using two embryos in IVF is outweighed by higher chance of success, say experts

12 January 2012

Fertility wand doubles chance of pregnancy
New treatment on womb lining could help women get pregnant

20 December 2011

Men responsible for half of infertility cases
Half of couples seeking IVF treatment are due to male fertility problems

04 November 2011

Giant sperm cycles round US city
A sperm bicycle with a refrigerated storage compartment goes on tour to encourage donations

04 November 2011

New IVF research could guarantee pregnancy every time
Significant development in IVF could ensure a 100% success rate

18 October 2011

ASDA worker's baby dream comes true thanks to Lottery win
Lottery win means ASDA worker can start the family she longs for

06 October 2011

Being just a little overweight affects IVF success, say experts
Overweight - not necessarily obese - women have a lower chance of success when it comes to fertility treatment

05 October 2011

Will IVF work for me?
Thinking of exploring fertility treatments and want to know what chance you have of IVF success?

09 September 2011

IVF secret weapon criticised
Aspirin may not be the IVF aid it’s rumoured to be

18 August 2011

Women warned to use official sperm donation channels after Dutch donor lies about health
Autistic man fathers 22 donor children after fibs about his condition

16 August 2011

New technique reveals which embryos have best chance of IVF success
Scientists believe they could improve the success of IVF pregnancies by looking for movements within fertilised eggs before they're implanted

11 August 2011

Would you pick your sperm donor by his fashion sense?
Donation clinic creates online brochure to help women choose their baby’s biological dad from personality traits, dress sense and hobbies

26 July 2011

Frozen embryos are 50% more likely to be big babies
IVF babies grown from frozen embryos are more likely to be oversized, say researchers.

07 July 2011

Intense IVF treatment could reduce your chances of having a healthy baby
High doses of IVF drugs could actually damage the eggs they are used to harvest

04 July 2011

IVF postcode lottery pushing couples abroad for fertility treatment
Lack of donors and variations in NHS funding force infertile couples elsewhere for IVF

30 June 2011

IVF pregnancy breakthrough
Doctors discover which women are more likely to get pregnant

14 June 2011

NHS IVF post code lottery condemned by MPs
Health service criticised for ignoring NICE guidelines and causing variations in the availability of IVF across the UK

09 June 2011

Crackdown on ‘rip-off’ IVF clinics
Fertility clinics charge too much and claim 'impossible' success rates, says expert

23 May 2011

Is it possible to increase my partner's fertility naturally?
Fertility expert Zita West's top tips for boosting your man's fertility

16 May 2011

1 to 20 of 108 articles.
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