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Fertility wand doubles chance of pregnancy

New treatment on womb lining could help women get pregnant

Posted: 20 December 2011
by Kimberley Smith
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Women who had treatment with the wand were more likely to get pregnant

A new fertility treatment, known as the 'fertility wand', has been shown to double a woman’s chance of getting pregnant.

The treatment works on the womb lining. It involves using a long plastic tube-like device, which is inserted into the womb and rotated 360º to scratch the lining. This then encourages the body to repair, producing growth factors and a response from the immune system, which appear to encourage fertilisation.

In the trial of 100 women undergoing IVF, the live birth rate was 22.4% when the wand was used, compared to 9.8% when it was not.

“This is very interesting work,” said Sanjay Vyas, a gynaecologist at Southmead Hospital in Bristol. “This intervention is simple, and if it genuinely improves the implantation rate, it would be very good news.” Researchers are now awaiting the results from bigger trials.

On the down side, however, the process is not yet fully understood and there is no treatment if it goes wrong.

The wand is still being tested and isn't yet available to be tried out by the general public. But we'll be the first to let you know if and when it is.

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