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Giant sperm cycles round US city

A sperm bicycle with a refrigerated storage compartment goes on tour to encourage donations

Posted: 4 November 2011
by Kimberley Smith
Sperm bike
The bike weighs more than 50lbs!

A specially designed sperm bicycle is making its way around the US city of Seattle, in an effort to drum up more sperm donors. The bike, which has a white fiberglass sperm fitted to it, is 10ft long and refrigerated to allow the safe transportation of sperm donations.

The marketing gimmick is already commonplace in Copenhagen, where its owners, European Sperm Bank USA, have another office. The idea is to raise awareness of the idea of sperm donation, as currently only 5-10% of would-be donors are up to the standards required.

“Most People associate sperm banks with a joke,” said Gary Olsem, the bank’s managing director. “There’s porn there and they think it’s a dirty thing, when in reality it’s very clinical like giving blood.”

Could we do with a few of these in the UK?


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