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Infertility breakthroughs update

We investigate the latest scientific discoveries that could help infertility

Posted: 3 February 2010
by Clio FitzHerbert

Infertility breakthroughs update Revolutionary breakthrough for male infertility
British scientists have made a breakthrough that could help find a cure for male infertility and allow couples to have babies that are genetically their own. For the first time they’ve been able to create human sperm and are a step closer to producing sperm and eggs from stem cells. Watch this space…

Test that reads your biological clock
Soon you’ll be able to take a test to find out how many childbearing years you have left. The DNA test being developed follows the discovery of a gene called Fragile X and monitors the speed of a woman’s biological clock, providing an early warning of declining fertility.

Female infertility finding
Scientists in China have discovered that ovaries in mice contain stem cells, which can be grown into eggs. The controversial research challenges the theory that women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. It is early days yet but the discovery could help female infertility and lead to investigations into reversing the menopause.

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