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IVF babies more likely to be tall?

Children conceived via IVF taller than their peers by age 6, finds study

Posted: 14 October 2010
by Kimberley Smith
IVF children trying to be tall
IVF could give children that extra inch

Children conceived by IVF are more likely to be taller than their naturally-conceived peers, a new study in New Zealand has found. The small study measured the growth of 200 children, finding significant differences in their heights after variables like parents’ height were taken into account.

By the age of 6, the IVF children were around 2.6cm taller than their peers but the researchers are not yet able to explain the height difference. The difference was also found to be more pronounced with girls.

“At this stage, we don’t know what the catalyst for that is,” said Wayne Cutfield, from Auckland University where the research took place.

Wayne did suggest that children conceived via IVF have different hormone levels due to the process of gathering eggs from their mums. These hormones could be responsible for the extra growth. Or it could be that medical workers chose the largest and strongest embryos to use for IVF, as they are most likely to survive the process.

Our understanding of IVF is growing as more studies like this are carried out. Recent investigations have found that IVF-conceived children are just as mentally healthy and do as well at school as their naturally-conceived peers

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