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IVF quadruplets born three years apart

Frozen embryos see Lincolnshire mum give birth to quadruplets with a 3 year age gap

Posted: 5 March 2010
by Clio FitzHerbert

Mum gives birth to triplets using the same set of eggs that brought her baby joy three years ago

A mum from Lincolnshire has given birth to triplets, two years after having a daughter conceived from the same set of eggs, making them quadruplets.

Helen Baxter, 41, gave birth to her first daughter, Alice, now aged 3, after successful IVF. At the time of the fertility treatment, the Baxters decided to freeze some of the embryos that had been ‘conceived’ at the same time.

Years later the Baxters returned to Nottingham’s Care Fertility Clinic to have three of the frozen embryos implanted, in the hope of having a little sister or brother for Alice.

After the first scan they were “gobsmacked” to discover that they were expecting triplets. Experts at the fertility clinic had never seen anything like it in the 15 years it had been running.

“To have four babies from one set of eggs is very unusual,” said medical director Ken Dowell.

The non-identical triplets, Noah, Niamh and Maisy, were delivered by caesarean and are now at home with their doting elder sister, Alice.

“We have had to buy a new car obviously to accommodate everybody,” mum Helen told the BBC. “We’ve had to go out and buy three of everything, which has been a bit of a shock!”

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