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New IVF research could guarantee pregnancy every time

Significant development in IVF could ensure a 100% success rate

Posted: 18 October 2011
by Jenny Bamberger
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Researchers have found a way to weed out unhealthy embryos and could hold the key to IVF success every time. The new technique, discovered by a team at Oxford University, will examine embryos and check for any chromosomal abnormalities that would to cause the treatment to fail.

Dr Dagan Wells’ team at Oxford have found a new way to uncover any hidden abnormalities that can appear in embryos.

“We need a better understanding of the biology, allowing us to bridge that gap and approach 100% success. The new technique combines the checking of chromosomes with the appearance of telomeres, which cap chromosomes and are linked to healthy cells,” said Dr Dagan.

Speaking in layman’s terms, Dr Dagan added, “In the future, we will be able to compare the embryos that make a baby and those that don’t.”

The test is expected to cost an additional £2,000 to the IVF treatment itself, but could be a bargain if it saves couples from further costly cycles.

The study has been so well received it has been awarded a prize by US Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, offering promise for future couples struggling to conceive.

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