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Success of next IVF cycle could be predicted

Analysis of first IVF cycle may determine if further fertility treatment will be successful

Posted: 20 July 2010
by Kimberley Smith
IVF success predicted
Predicting IVF success may reduce heartache for women whose first cycle fails

A personalised test for women undergoing fertility treatment may predict how likely your chances of success are after one failed IVF cycle. Around 75% of IVF cycles are unsuccessful and women who have gone through the difficult and draining treatment are often unsure if it is worth putting themselves through a second time.

Scientists analysed the outcomes of 1,600 first time IVF cycles and identified 52 factors that influence the chances of success a second time round. They also claimed that basing the likelihood of success on age alone was misleading.

Having a way to make a personalised prognosis would be “invaluable in assisting women’s decisions to keep going or not with IVF,” said Mylene Yao, who authored the research.

IVF is not an exact science and rapid developments continue in the field. If you’re considering fertility treatment, check out our guide to IVF.

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