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Women undergoing needless IVF because clinics ignore male fertility

Hundreds of IVF cycles are unsuccessful because they wrongly focus on female infertility, according to experts

Posted: 25 January 2012
by Daniella Delaney
Male infertility is on the rise

Couples are spending thousands of pounds and suffering the emotional trauma of unsuccessful IVF cycles, all because IVF clinics aren't checking out the man's fertility, the Daily Mail says today.

Top male health doctors say that IVF clinics tend to focus on a woman’s fertility, and don't really pay any attention to her partner. It's even being suggested that most of these clinics don’t even have a male fertility specialist on their staff.

Rowland Rees, urological surgeon at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, says: "The majority of fertility clinics are gynaecology-led, where the emphasis is on investigating the female partner and carrying out assisted conception.

"The investigation and treatment of male-related fertility problems is often not done thoroughly enough, and sometimes not at all.

"In half of cases male problems are partly responsible and, in 20  per cent, it is purely a male issue.

"Around 50 per cent of male fertility problems are treatable, but unfortunately this is commonly overlooked."


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