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Meet your pregnancy medical team

Find out what to expect from your midwife, GP, antenatal teacher, obstetrician and sonographer throughout your pregnancy

Posted: 22 February 2011
by Daniella Delaney

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Meet your GP

When you'll see your GP

“The first thing to do after getting your positive pregnancy test is to see your GP,” says Dr Michael Apple, GP and author of Dr Apple’s Symptoms Encyclopaedia.“Your GP will confirm your pregnancy with a urine test and estimate your due date,” he adds.

What your GP will do

“He or she will check your previous medical history, blood pressure and may also feel your abdomen if he or
she thinks you’re further along in your pregnancy than you realise,” explains Dr Michael.
You’ll also be given general health advice, as well as what care you can expect during your pregnancy.
“This is when you’ll be registered for your first booking-in appointment with your midwife too,” adds Dr Michael.

Appointment tip

“If you’ve got any worries from a previous pregnancy or miscarriage, now is the time to talk about it,” says Dr Michael.

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Im now 21 year's old & my fiance's 23 year's old and we have a 22 month old little girl, we have been trying to concieve a second baby for around 16 month's now, (since our daughter was 6 month's old) we have not used any contraception at all after having our first baby. Since trying nothink has happened. I was 2 & 1/2 week's late a few month's back but then came on. Iv been reading load's of people problem's online but nothink can help me. I have not been to see my doctor about it. Im starting to get a bit worried that maybe somethink's wrong. I know it could be me or my partner. you never know. It done mean cause you've had one baby that you can also have more... What should I do? please help. thanks jessica & tommy.

Posted: 02/12/2011 at 19:33

Hi Jessica,

Sorry to hear you are having problems - there are lots of things that can help you depending on what you have already tried? You should come and say hello on the TTC 2011 thread in trying for a baby http://www.thinkbaby.co.uk/forum/trying-for-a-baby/ttc-2011---a-shiny-new-good-luck-thread/5333-70.html (hope the link works) and pick our collective brains - the ladies on there are very friendly and between us have a lot of experience xx hope to see you there xx lots of baby dust xx

Posted: 02/12/2011 at 20:15

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