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Home birth “hysteria” criticised by senior midwife
Concerns voiced over anti-home birth sentiment in the medical profession by general secretary of the Royal College of Midwives

17 August 2010

Guide to episiotomy
Your doctor may recommend an episiotomy - a surgical cut made in the perineum - during labour if there is a likelihood of tearing while you give birth.

16 August 2010

Baby born at 23 weeks survives
Youngest premature baby is “developing well” in hospital with twin brother born 10 days later

21 July 2010

Black parents give birth to white child
Blonde hair, blue eyed baby girl surprises her black parents and the medical profession.

20 July 2010

Home birth - the pros and cons
The number of home births in the UK is on the rise, and not without reason, but it's not for everyone

12 July 2010

Birthing simulator could help reduce maternal mortality
Pregnancy strap-on could increase survival chances of mums and babies in the third world

06 July 2010

No limit on number of caesareans in the UK
Recommendation for fewer caesarean births dropped by World Health Organization

01 July 2010

Barmaid has surprise baby after mistaking labour for backache
Baby girl born on the loo to mum who didn’t know she was pregnant

17 June 2010

Birth complications more common at night
Picking the time of day to give birth could influence the chances of a smooth delivery

14 June 2010

Risks for babies born one week early – the real story
Today’s headlines announcing that babies born just 1 week early are more likely to have “special educational needs” are sensationalizing the truth

09 June 2010

Acupuncture does work as a pain reliever, say scientists
Pain is eased with acupuncture, new research finds, which is top news for any mum-to-be with it on her birth plan!

01 June 2010

Cut umbilical cord later for healthier babies
Delaying clamping babies’ umbilical cords could enable transfer of more antibodies and cord blood

28 May 2010

Pre-labour signs
Some women have signals that labour is coming for weeks before it happens, others a few hours. What are the signs that labour is nearly here?

26 May 2010

If you were premature, you're more likely to have a premature baby
The risk of early birth is genetic, finds survey

25 May 2010

Pro-biotics breakthrough for premature babies
Australian study claims pro-biotics could save the lives of thousands of premature babies

29 April 2010

Acupuncture doesn't reduce pain in labour, says new research
Acupuncture may not be an effective treatment for mums-to-be in labour.

28 April 2010

Hypnotist stops pregnant woman’s labour pains
How bedside therapy helped a phobic mum-to-be to an easy birth

08 April 2010

Pensioner becomes Britain’s oldest dad
Britain’s oldest dad thanks bananas for his virility at 74

29 March 2010

Maternity units failing obese pregnant women
Services struggling to keep up with rising weight of mums-to-be

23 March 2010

Cord blood collection warning to parents
Parents warned against risky and illegal blood collections from baby’s umbilical cords

09 March 2010

61 to 80 of 170 articles.
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