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Epidurals Safer than Women Think
A new report claims that an epidural for pain relief in labour is not as risky a procedure as patients believe

12 January 2009

Zita West's Home Midwife Service
Home help: meet Zita West’s ‘super midwives’ in the comfort of your own home

23 December 2008

Birthing options
Choosing where & how to give birth

07 December 2008

Using homeopathy for labour and birth
What homeopathy is, how it works and how to find out more

19 November 2008

Blissful Birth Natural Labour and Birth
Blissful Birth can help teach you to relax and cope with the pain of labour and birth more naturally

18 November 2008

Caesarian sections: an overview
Useful articles and forum threads relating to c-sections

29 October 2008

Preparing for a premature birth
Whether you have months or only hours, there are a several things you can do to prepare for a premature delivery and try to make it as personal as possible

23 October 2008

Fear of Pain in Childbirth
When you are pregnant it can be daunting to think what's ahead – here's a few tips to overcome that fear

13 October 2008

Using TENS in labour
The key points of this natural form of pain relief

07 October 2008

Know-how: What is Natal Hypnotherapy?
We ask the experts to explain the natural benefits to natal hypnotherapy, as you prepare for the birth and for labour

21 August 2008

Planning ahead for birth when you're already a mum
Preparing your child for becoming an older brother or sister is one thing, but preparing them for the actual birth can make an important start for this new relationship

08 July 2008

Having a baby in hot weather
When the heat is on, you might think the last thing you want to do is give birth! Here are a few ideas and tips for staying cool.

29 June 2008

Know-how: Breech Positions
If your midwife tells you your baby is in a breech position, what do the various terms really mean?

12 June 2008

Bleeding and pains after birth
Some bleeding and pain is to be expected, but you needn't have to suffer unduly, especially if you know what to expect

29 May 2008

Birth stories: Labour without drugs
Conventional pain relief? Not for us!

21 April 2008

Birth stories: Labour without drugs
Conventional pain relief? Not for us!

21 April 2008

Birth stories: Labour without drugs
Conventional pain relief? Not for us!

21 April 2008

Premature baby survival rates
Study reveals no improvement in the survival rate for very premature babies over the past 10 years

15 April 2008

The first 48 hours after birth for baby
How your baby adjusts to life outside the womb

12 April 2008

Home birth to hospital transfer risks
New research suggests increased risks to mothers who opt for a home birth then have to be transferred to hospital

03 April 2008

121 to 140 of 170 articles.
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