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Parents help create Tommy’s advice for premature birth
Baby charity Tommy’s enlists the help of parents with premature babies to help prepare others for the arrival of an early baby

16 January 2012

Midwife delivers her own baby with a make-up mirror
New mum reveals she delivered her own baby just hours after finishing her shift on the maternity ward

03 January 2012

NHS trust does deal with private midwife firm
NHS Wirral first trust to foot bill to allow private midwives to work with pregnant women on the NHS for more birth options

08 December 2011

Hospital births safer for first-time mums, but home births more natural
A major study has found that home births are more risky for first-time mums, but hospital births use more intervention

25 November 2011

Midwives overwhelmed by rising birthrate
Despite more midwives, more complicated births mean the NHS is struggling to respond to the increase in babies born

23 November 2011

Elective caesarean now available for all mums-to-be
A caesarean delivery will be offered to all pregnant women who ask for one, even if there's no medical need, according to new NICE guidelines

23 November 2011

Does having a caesarean mean a fatter baby?
A study links giving birth by c-section with overweight newborns

22 November 2011

Your worries about labour solved
Worried about pain during labour, how long the baby will take to come out or if you'll poo during the birth? We answer your concerns about what happens when you have your baby

22 November 2011

Women having home births at 50-year low
Only 2.5% of mums gave birth at home last year, compared to a third 50 years ago

11 November 2011

Mum goes into labour during her driving test – and passes!
Double congratulations due for mum who ended the day with a driving license and a new baby

01 November 2011

NHS caesareans by choice a step close
Plans to offer elective caesareans to all women in the UK being drawn up by NICE

31 October 2011

Giving birth goes back to the thirties
Study finds a method of inducing labour from 80 years ago has fewer side effects than modern treatments

25 October 2011

Banish back pain after labour
Five essentials to keep your back healthy after giving birth

18 October 2011

Biggest UK baby in 20 years born naturally
13lbs 11oz baby boy born to UK mum using only gas and air

13 October 2011

Pregnant women given a negative view of caesareans, says campaigner
With 1 in 4 births via caesarean, BBC’s ‘Scrubbing Up’ asks why they're portrayed as a last resort

10 October 2011

Collecting umbilical cord blood can put mum and baby at risk
Procedure distracts midwives at an important stage after the birth, health professionals say

22 September 2011

Why music is so important when you're giving birth
iPod at the ready! Plan your soundtrack for delivering your baby and you could have a smoother birth

21 September 2011

How your baby feels at birth
Ever wondered what birth’s like from a newborn’s point of view? Baby sensory expert Megan Faure is your guide

16 June 2011

Ways to keep cool giving birth
If you're having a baby in hot weather, try these tips for keeping chilled out

14 June 2011

Will raspberry leaf tea help me go into labour?
Pregnant and looking for ways to bring on labour? If other mums have told you to try raspberry leaf tea, find out whether it works or if it's just an old wives' tale

02 June 2011

1 to 20 of 170 articles.
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