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Biggest UK baby in 20 years born naturally

13lbs 11oz baby boy born to UK mum using only gas and air

Posted: 13 October 2011
by Joanna Harvey
At 13lb 11oz, Zachary's one of Britain's biggest newborns

Proud parents, Rosie Hall and Matthew Huxtable were astonished to discover their newborn baby boy has already broken records! Baby Zachary, who was born after a 9-hour labour, tipped the scales at an amazing 13lb 11oz - more than 6lbs heavier than the average newborn.

"He was off the scale on all of the scans so we knew he was going to be big, but we didn't think he would be that big," said dad Matthew, 19. "He is absolutely huge, the other babies look dinky compared to him."

Rosie, 20, gave birth to Zachary naturally, using only a gas and air for pain relief. At least she's had some practice, though, as the couple's first child Ellie, 14 months, weighed in at substantial 10lb 9oz.

At only 5 days old, Zachary is already wearing clothes for 6-9 month old babies.

"We had to go a buy a load of emergency clothes because all the ones we had didn't fit," Matthew explained.

But proud grandma, Katherine Huxtable, isn't that surprised at her grandson's whopping weight, revealing that big babies run in the family.

"We are quite a big family, Matthew and Rosie are both 6ft and Matthew was 10lb and Rosie was over 9lb," she explained.

How heavy was your biggest baby?

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