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Having a baby in hot weather

When the heat is on, you might think the last thing you want to do is give birth! Here are a few ideas and tips for staying cool.

Posted: 29 June 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

If you are heavily pregnant and already wondering how you can get through an uncomfortable and sticky hot summer, you may well be concerned about how you’re going to stay cool in labour!

It is useful, unless your waters have ruptured, to enjoy a lukewarm bath when you are in the first stage of labour. This is cooling but can also help as water is a useful way of easing contraction pains. (Some women may simply find it a distraction once the labour pains kick in so do not feel frustrated if this simply isn’t for you.)

Whilst you are still at home, you might have a very light snack or some fluids. It is important not to get dehydrated, and for some women the early stages can last for hours.

However, your midwife may advise against intake of fluids or any food if she believes that the birth might be imminent, especially once you are on your way to, or in hospital. This is because, if your consultant or midwife believe there is a chance you may have to have intervention like a caesarian by general anaesthetic, they will not be able to operate until food and drink has passed through your stomach. (There is an outside danger of you choking whilst under anaesthetic, if your stomach has anything in it. Hence, they may need to wait four to eight hours for something to pass through and this would be too late in some emergency birth procedures.)

If for some reason your midwife is counselling against intake of fluids or any food, you might be given an IV drip.

Try these other ways to keep cool

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I had both of mine in hot Augusts and I have to admit I wasn't wearing much by the time I have them!

Posted: 11/06/2006 at 21:14

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