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Mums biggest birth fears revealed

Top five worries are highlighted in recent research – and they aren’t what you think!

Posted: 12 October 2010
by Kyrsty Hazell
Mums-to-be fear having an 'ugly' baby!
Mums-to-be fear having an 'ugly' baby!

While many mums-to-be worry about labour pains, a new poll has revealed one in 10 pregnant women fear that they’ll have an ‘ugly’ baby. The poll of 1,211 mums-to-be, conducted by, put medical complication fears aside when answering the questions.

Of those who fear an ugly baby, 23% worried that their unborn baby would inherit family traits and wouldn’t be attractive. Scarily, 21% felt that they might not love their child if they are deemed ugly.

Topping the list of niggles was (understandably) the pain and length of labour as well as involuntary bowel movements and the effects giving birth can will have on their genitalia.

If you’re in the 24% of mums-to-be who are worried about pooing during labour, prepare yourself with our guide to the not-so-glamorous truths of labour – and don’t worry, you’re not alone! With 36% of pregnant women worrying about the pain of labour, get a heads up with our guide on what labour really feels like. And if you’re in the camp of fearing an ‘ugly’ baby, take a look at our guide on what newborn babies really look like.

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