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New test could predict caesareans

A test, which could determine if you're likely to need a caesarean to deliver your baby, has been developed in Sweden

Posted: 31 August 2010
by Matt Fricker

Researchers in Sweden have developed a test which could help predict if pregnant women will need to give birth via caesarean, reports the BBC.

Scientists have established that when high levels of lactic acid are measured in the amniotic fluid, it's unlikely the mum-to-be will deliver vaginally.

By measuring this acid, doctors could prevent a prolonged and painful labour where a mum-to-be hopes to have her baby naturally, only to be informed that she needs a caesarean.

The test, which is already being used in hospitals throughout Europe, should reduce the number of caesareans for mums-to-be who may not need them and speed them up for those that do.

It's hoped that the test will "avoid the risk of complications from a long birth and limit unnecessary suffering," explained Johan Ubby of Obstecare, who developed the test on the back of research led by Liverpool University and Liverpool Women's Hospital. 

Professor Donald Peebles, a spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologisits and consultant at University College, London, added that the test was a "nice idea".

"I can definitely see the logic, and it would be straightforward to carry out," Profesor Donald said.

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