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Fibroids could cause miscarriage
Women with womb fibroids found to have a higher risk of miscarriage

28 September 2011

Women whose babies were stillborn to feature in new exhibition
Photos of 17 brave women during their pregnancy to form an exhibition to highlight Britain's alarming stillbirth rate.

14 July 2011

Simple urine test could predict miscarriage
New wee test could identify problem pregnancies and in future prevent miscarriage

06 July 2011

Recurrent miscarriage is no bar to a baby, say experts
New research shows two-thirds of women with recurrent miscarriage end up with at least one child

04 July 2011

Papers say: Are more women having late miscarriages?
After Lily Allen, Amanda Holden and Kelly Brook’s experiences, the red tops run scare stories over late miscarriage, but the truth is reassuring

13 May 2011

Is this the reason why women miscarry?
Scientists think our eggs may hold the key to many early miscarriages and birth defects

15 April 2011

Conceiving after a miscarriage - what to consider
Trying again after a miscarriage can be soothing and daunting. Try our steps to conceiving again after having a miscarriage, how long to wait and how you might feel

31 January 2011

Causes of miscarriage
Why miscarriage happens, medical conditions that affect pregnancy and make miscarriage more likely and when to investigate the causes

09 December 2010

How long will it take to recover from a D&C
Preparing for your recovery from a D&C, how long it will take, will it hurt, what you will notice and what you will need

06 December 2010

D&C: what happens?
Booked in for a D&C? Find out what to expect from dilation and curettage

03 December 2010

Miscarriage: will it happen again?
If you suffer one miscarriage, do you have an increased chance of losing another baby in pregnancy?

03 December 2010

Six steps to help you cope with miscarriage
As well as your physical recovery, you and your partner will need time to recover emotionally from a miscarriage

29 November 2010

Late miscarriage
What is a late miscarriage and how can you tell the signs between a threatened miscarriage and a real miscarriage

22 November 2010

What are the chances of miscarriage?
Put the fear of miscarriage into perspective by understanding the odds of it happening

13 November 2010

Coping with miscarriage
A deep sense of grief can follow the loss of a pregnancy, even when it occurs at an early stage

08 November 2010

Signs you might be having a miscarriage
How to recognise signs of miscarriage, threatened miscarriage and losing your baby at a late stage

07 November 2010

Miscarriage: what happens and why
What happens when you have a miscarriage and what should you expect as you recover?

23 October 2010

Miracle baby for mum after 4 miscarriages in a year
New treatment helped mum to have a healthy pregnancy after losing 4 babies

15 October 2010

What is dilation & curettage (a D&C) / ERPOC
A D&C and Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception is a common surgical procedure that may be necessary after a miscarriage or sometimes after birth

02 October 2010

Pregnancy soon after a miscarriage more successful?
Waiting for six months to try for a baby not necessary, study finds

06 August 2010

1 to 20 of 23 articles.
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