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Conceiving after a miscarriage - what to consider

Trying again after a miscarriage can be soothing and daunting. Try our steps to conceiving again after having a miscarriage, how long to wait and how you might feel

Posted: 31 January 2011
by Kimberley Smith

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Recovering from a miscarriage first

Before you can think about trying again, you need to allow your body to recover. Bleeding usually stops within a week (if it does not, you should go back to your doctor or surgery) but you may also feel exhausted for a few days.

Depending on whether you had a spontaneous miscarriage or had to have treatment (a Dilation and Curettage (D&C), for example) to complete the process at hospital, your body's natural hormone levels may take about a month to six weeks to return to normal.

Your periods may return as soon as 28 days after your miscarriage, as ovulation can occur after two weeks. However, this again will vary (it might return more quickly when you have had a D&C). Your cycle usually returns within a month to six weeks, but might take a couple of cycles to settle back to your regular routine.

There have been recent studies that suggest, if you feel ready, there are benefits to trying for a baby again within six months of miscarrying. However, there is no harm in taking long if your body needs more time, or you're still recovering emotionally.

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