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Miscarriage: will it happen again?

If you suffer one miscarriage, do you have an increased chance of losing another baby in pregnancy?

Posted: 3 December 2010
by Laura Lee Davies

Suffering a miscarriage is never easy to get over and can leave couples afraid of trying again because they fear a further tragedy. But what is the chance of suffering a second miscarriage?

What are the chances of miscarriage?

Generally, the chances of miscarriage across all women – including first-time pregnancies – is that one in six new pregnancies will end in miscarriage within the first six weeks, with the chances dropping off slightly up to 12 weeks, and dropping off dramatically beyond 12 weeks, to just one in every 100 pregnancies ending in late miscarriage.

Am I more likely to have another miscarriage if I have suffered one already?

If you have suffered a miscarriage before, there is an 80 per cent chance that your next pregnancy will be successful, so that is a one in five chance that you will suffer another miscarriage.

If you have suffered two miscarriages previously, you will have around 72 per cent chance of enjoying a successful pregnancy, but if you have had three or more miscarriages, the chances of having a successful pregnancy do drop to around 50 per cent or less.

Should we try again?

Couples react in different ways after losing a baby in pregnancy. Sometimes one partner may feel ready to try again and the other will be reluctant. Understandably, it's important to talk to each other about how you feel, your fears and your hopes. Sometimes it's easy to have this conversation quite soon after your miscarriage, but if it doesn't feel right, be patient with each other.

It may help you to follow these six steps to coping with miscarriage.

When you do feel ready, find out more about trying again and pregnancy after a miscarriage.

What if there is a physical reason for our miscarriages?

There are some medical conditions which couples are not aware they have, which could cause repeat miscarriage. Some of these can be addressed, but other factors such as your age may also play a part in the increased risk of repeat miscarriage.

Until you have suffered three miscarriages, a doctor is unlikely to investigate any medical reasons for why you are not carrying a baby to full-term. However, it is important to note that only one percent of all couples are at risk of suffering recurrent miscarriages (that is: at least three consecutive miscarriages).

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I have had 3 MCs in a row, the Dr's and Consultants have told me that because of my age (39) and the fact that I have had 3 MCs already, I basically have a 50/50 chance of ever having a successful pregnancy.

I guess I have to give it a try, I hope with every part of my body that things WILL be ok next time.

I was wondering, if there is anyone on the site who has had 3 MCs or more in a row and has had a successful pregnancy afterwards? I know everyone is different, but I'm just looking for a bit of re-assureance.

Meema xx

Posted: 17/02/2009 at 14:09

Hi meema. I personally have not had any MC's but have heard many stories from women who've had much more MC's and problems on top of that. So i'm pretty sure some one will come along and reassure you but i wanted to just let you know that it's possible because i've heard successfull stories that make me hopeful for people in your state.

Hugs and don't ever stop, your little angel will come.

Posted: 17/02/2009 at 16:01

Hi LadySteffy,
Thank you for your kind words. I do hope you're right. Fingers crossed I will have my baby one day.

Hugs back,
Meema xx

Posted: 17/02/2009 at 20:19

hi meema, i too have had miscarriages in the past but thought i would try and give you some reasurance that there is help out there and it will be possible to carry a baby, i havent had my miscarriages all in a row but i have had three too, your doctors should now be carrying out tests, dont let them fob you off about the age thing (im 42!!!) im currently waiting for a scan on monday to (hopefully!) confirm a new pregnancy - and mad as i am - this will be baby no.7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you see, there is hope after miscarriage, badger the docs to run tests, it could be something silly like your blood clotting wrong etc etc which is VERY easy to treat and ensures a healthy pregnancy!!! hope this has given you a fresh out look and at least a little hope to look to a healthy baby!!! GOOD LUCK!!! XXXXXXXXXXX

Posted: 19/02/2009 at 11:08

Hi Karen,

I am under going tests at the moment. I had 7 lots of blood taken in Jan, they tested for loads of things including 'Hughes Syndrome', which is the blood clotting problem you mentioned. The results all came back normal. I am now waiting for the next 2 lots of tests to come back, hubby and I are being tested for Chromosome defects (that was another 2 lots of blood) and I had to go back when AF arrived, they took another 2 lots of blood to test my ovaries and the quality of my eggs. It'l be 2 and half weeks till we get all the rest of the results back. The Consultant said that he expected everything to come back normal.

 I have had an internal scan, and apart from a fibroid high up in my uterus (which is apparently fine and not a problem) and the fact that my uterus tilts backwards, all is ok in there. They said it could just be 'bad luck'.

 I have been very stressed during all 3 of my pg's so that could be a factor. I was 22 when I lost the 1st one and was really stressed. I wanted the baby, I got pg without telling my fiance, he went mad and wanted me to get rid of the baby. But I wouldn't, I cried nearly every day! Then I lost the baby at 13wks. When I was pg the 2nd time, I was worried that it would happen again and at just 6wks it did. So as you can imagine 3rd time around I was terrified, and at 8wks my fears came true. I am going to try and stay calm and think positive. I was so happy last time but scared, so next time I have to trust that all will be OK and smile!!   

7 babies WOW that's amazing!! I'll be happy with one

Thanks for your message

Meema xxxx

Posted: 19/02/2009 at 11:30

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