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New vote: travels with baby

What are the biggest put-offs to travelling with your new baby? Cost? Feeding facilities? Bulky buggies and travel cots? Let us know!

Posted: 5 June 2007
by Laura Lee Davies

When you have a new baby, you're keen to show them off to the world, and keen to show the world to them. Many people say, travelling with a small baby is much easier than it is with toddlers – they don't cost as much to fly with, you need less bedspace, you might still be just breastfeeding etc. Other people with grandparents or other family abroad don't think twice and get into the long-haul habit with new babies straight away. There are lots of things to think about when Booking a holiday with baby in tow, and we'd like to hear from you.

Next week we'll be launching our 'baby travel' forum where we want to hear your stories about going on holiday with baby – inspiring tales of adventure, cosy romantic breaks with you as new parents and your little bundle of joy, parenting travel tips based on your experiences...
But this week we'd like to start with a simple vote. Are there key reasons why you didn't or aren't going to go on a major holiday with your baby (under one year) this summer? Maybe the cost of flying, the inconvenience of lugging baby equipment around, fear of local health care not being up to scratch, or that sterilising bottles etc is just too much of a pain?
We want to hear from you! So vote on our Home Page today!

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