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Babies begin learning grammar from birth
Babies start to understand how words go together before they know what they mean, finds new study

12 December 2011

Classical music comforts newborn premature babies
Mozart used to soothe tiny preemie babies in hospital when they’re separated from their mums

27 May 2011

Pregnant women taught to sing to unborn baby
Mums-to-be are being taught how to sing to their child in the womb in London

21 March 2011

National Literacy Trust launches campaign to get babies communicating
Talk To Your Baby campaign launched as a fifth of parents unaware of the benefits of talking to young babies

09 March 2011

Your baby remembers the music you played in pregnancy
Babies have memories of music they heard in the womb, new research finds

09 March 2011

Baby weight and growth charts explained
How your baby's growth chart works, plus when your baby will be weighed and what's normal when it comes to baby weight and weight gain.

24 November 2010

Newborn babies learn in their sleep
Baby brains are constantly at work, research reveals

19 May 2010

What is baby massage?
It might seem strange to take a fragile new baby and start pumelling him about, but baby massage is safe, reassuring for your baby, and a fantastic bonding activity you can start almost from birth.

18 January 2010

What is Babywearing?
Babywearing is a popular idea among those who believe that you should keep your baby close to you and enjoy as many cuddles as possible!

05 October 2009

Baby's first words
Communication is a gradual process though the bond is there from Day One, but what first words can you expect and when will you hear them?

01 October 2009

Stimulating your baby
Easy ways to share experiences and sensations with your baby from the earliest days.

20 August 2009

Babies and loud noise
What is a safe level of noise to expose a baby to?

07 August 2009

Baby smiles
Everyone tells you your baby's first smiles are actually just caused by windy discomfort, but when do babies really start to smile and laugh?

30 May 2009

Playtime for Your New Baby
It isn't all just sleeping and feeding – new babies can enjoy playing with you, too!

05 January 2009

New Baby: Senses
Just how much can your new baby interact with his new world?

15 December 2008

Baby blue eyes
Will your baby's blue eyes change colour? Facts and health information about your baby's eyes

25 October 2008

Encouraging good body use in your baby
Getting your baby off to a good start with the Alexander Technique can be invaluable, explains STAT teacher Brita Forsstrom

28 April 2008

What is Plagiocephaly?
'Flat head syndrome' is more common that you might imagine, but what is it and what does it mean for the health of your baby?

12 February 2008

Baby's first toys
Your baby's first playthings are meant to amuse and delight, but some can help stimulate more than just giggles.

23 December 2007

Baby swimming classes
It's never too early to take to the water

20 April 2007

1 to 20 of 21 articles.
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