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Classical music comforts newborn premature babies

Mozart used to soothe tiny preemie babies in hospital when they’re separated from their mums

Posted: 27 May 2011
by Jayne Braithwaite
baby listening to classical music
Classical tunes are calming for babies too

Premature babies in a Slovakian hospital are being soothed and reassured by listening to classical music by Mozart and Vivaldi. Wearing ear phones almost the same size as their heads, the tiny infants have responded well to the music therapy.

Doctors also use “pink” music such as the sounds of the forest to act as a soothing replacement for mum’s voice. They have noticed that the babies respond positively with more regular breathing and stronger heartbeats.

“Music therapy helps a baby to gain weight, get rid of stress and handle pain better,” explained Dr Slavka Viragova, who oversees the music project.

So while Mozart may not be able to turn your tot into a baby Einstein, the works of the great man could help babies, premature and full term, to be happier, calmer and more content.

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