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Coeliac disease and your baby need to know
From the symptoms to what foods to avoid, find out the essentials about coeliac disease and you baby

11 May 2012

Parents taught to reduce preemie babies’ pain
Teaching parents of premature babies to understand and manage their infants’ pain helps them become more confident carers

25 August 2011

Parents of small babies need more cot death advice, says charity
Low birth weight babies are still particularly vulnerable to sudden infant death syndrome

17 August 2011

How to care for your newborn's umbilical cord
Tips to make sure your little one's cord stays healthy and prevent infection from Huggies' midwifery expert, Nikki Khan

03 August 2011

Day-old baby saved by heart surgery
Baby undergoes a 36-hour heart operation as soon as he’s born

25 July 2011

10 signs a baby's cough could be something more serious
The warning signs that could mean you need to call a doctor

12 July 2011

Fire safety in the home
In Child Safety Week we look at the key points it's important to remember to avoid or deal with fires in the home.

19 June 2011

Teenager fakes pregnancy for school project
US teen fakes being pregnant for six months to study prejudices and reactions of her friends and teachers

26 April 2011

Department of Health clears up confusion over flu jabs in pregnancy
Flu jab available all mums-to-be after medical staff accused of giving mixed messages

20 December 2010

Winter health tips for baby and family
Keep your baby healthy, warm and comfortable into the winter months

22 November 2010

Babies and the common cold
Colds, coughs and sniffles are much more common for babies than adults. Find out how to help your little one stay healthy and get better soon when she does catch a bug

12 November 2010

Overheating and winter clothes
Be aware of your baby's needs when wrapping up warm for winter weather

08 November 2010

What is croup?
Coughing and breathing difficulties are always a worry in babies and children, but a croup cough sounds even worse. What is croup, and what should you do if your child gets it?

01 November 2010

Winter health tips
Keeping your family healthy and happy through the bleaker, virus-rampant months

30 October 2010

Your newborn baby's first checks - what they mean
The first few days after you've given birth, you'll see your baby being tested for all sorts of different things. Check out our guide to what test you can expect and when they'll happen

14 October 2010

Keeping a healthy home in winter
In colder weather we usually close the windows and reach for the thermostat to keep our homes warm and welcoming, but our health can suffer along with our indoor air quality as a result

03 October 2010

Baby's skin at bathtime
We want to keep our babies clean but it's important not to dry out a small child's tender new skin

20 September 2010

Baby eczema
Eczema is a common baby skin complaint and can be sore, itchy and disrupt sleep. Here's how to recognise it and deal with it.

17 September 2010

Bathing with your baby
Many new parents share a bath with their child as this is reassuring for a small baby in a big bath, and can be a lovely bonding moment

07 September 2010

Baby Health: Common Concerns
Easy to follow advice on what common baby symptoms might mean: coughs, vomiting, diarrhoea, a runny nose, rashes

22 June 2010

1 to 20 of 74 articles.
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