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10 of the best buy night time must-haves
When your baby just won’t settle try these cute nightlights, toys and musical CDs

25 October 2011

Safe sleeping does lead to more flat baby heads
UK experts confirm that lying babies on their backs increases likelihood of flat head syndrome

08 April 2011

Safe sleeping temperatures for babies
When seasons become unexpectedly warmer or cooler, your habits can be caught out. But what is safe for sleeptime?

10 November 2010

Parents of a new baby lose out on 6 months of sleep
New parents lose 6 months worth of sleep in first two years, finds survey

23 July 2010

Help your newborn to sleep enough at night
How much does your newborn need to sleep and how can you help him get enough?

25 February 2010

Safe Sleeping for Babies
Raised awareness now means babies are more likely to sleep safely in their cots, but there are a few useful start points for every parent.

20 October 2009

The Risk of Co-Sleeping and Cot Death
New research shows a clear link between 'cot death' and sleeping in the same bed as your baby

30 April 2009

New Parents Need Sleep Too!
New babies need to sleep a lot – but sleep is important for new mums and dads, too!

14 April 2009

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?
Whether your newborn is a champion napper or you can't get your six-month-old to sleep, how much shut-eye should your baby have?

23 March 2009

Troubleshooting: Sleeping
The first year of your baby's life brings all kinds of erratic sleep patterns - for your child AND you! Here are tips for common problems

04 December 2008

Sleeping on sofa can increase risk of 'cot death'
Sharing a sofa whilst asleep, smoking and deprivation can all increase the risk of 'cot death'

26 August 2008

New SIDS Study
Recent research asks: Could cot death be caused by bacteria?

17 July 2008

The Great Dummy Debate
Are dummies a good thing or just a gag on your baby? Opinion is divided – so what are the pros and cons?

09 July 2008

Sleep deprivation and new babies
Tomy have carried out a revealing new study on how sleep-deprived new parents really are

30 March 2007

Daytime sleeping safety
New research highlights the need for parents to treat daytime naps as they would night sleeping, to avoid cot death.

26 January 2007

Sleep routines - just a dream?
So your newborn baby is sleeping for a good 16 hours a day, eh? How come you’re not?

19 September 2006

US study links dummy use with SIDS reduction
Advice to parents unchanged as study highlights the need for further research, rather than providing definitive answers

09 December 2005

SIDS - What it is and how you can reduce the risk
SIDS/cot death is very rare, but there are some small precautions you can take to make the risk even lower for your baby

09 June 2005

There are 18 articles
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