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Children's TV poll result

The great TV debate, what you say

Posted: 13 December 2005
by ThinkBaby

With the advent of dedicated baby and children's TV channel, The Baby Channel, experts once again took to the column inches to wage pen warfare over the rights and wrongs of children's television.

Needless to say, expert opinion is divided on the value of television for children's development. While no-one is brave, or foolish, enough to claim that endless amounts of TV is great for babies and toddlers, the camps are broadly divided into those who think that moderate amounts of television can bring developmental benefits and those who find TV for youngsters thoroughly pernicious. But what do real parents think?

In the recent ThinkBaby poll we asked you how much TV was ok for toddlers, and the final results are shown on the right. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of you fell in the middle ground. More than half of you (55%) think that 1-2 hours of TV a day is no problem, while a hefty 31% prefer to limit TV exposure to occasional educational shows. While only 4% thought that TV should be off-limits to toddlers, nearly 10% of you thought it didn't matter how much TV was watched in a day. Majority opinion among ThinkBaby mums and dads seems to be that TV should be used like all good things, in moderation.

Our latest poll is for pregnant mums, or for those who can think back to how they felt about having a bump. See the left-hand side of the page to take part.

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