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Spanish pregnant women asked to supply English medical certificate
Ryanair defends its policy asking Spanish women to provide doctor’s letter in English

14 September 2011

Pregnancy travel - your essential guide
If you’re planning a break away, find out all you need to know about travelling when you’re pregnant

20 February 2011

Wearing a seat belt in pregnancy
Seat belts are essential and a legal requirement at any time, but even more so in pregnancy

16 August 2010

Driving in late pregnancy
As your bump gets bigger and you get more tired, is it safe to drive a car?

06 August 2010

Travel vaccinations for pregnant women
When travelling abroad, getting the right jabs is important. But which injections are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

01 August 2010

When to travel in pregnancy?
When is safe to travel, fly, drive and get in a bit of couple time before the birth?

01 August 2010

Holiday in pregnancy - 5 things to do
Holidaying while pregnant? Essential tips for travelling with a bump

01 August 2010

Safe travelling while pregnant
Travelling in pregnancy by air, rail, road or sea is perfectly safe but make sure you're prepared

19 July 2010

Pregnancy and travel insurance
A recent survey suggests that pregnant women are left clueless when it comes to travel insurance

14 July 2010

Insect repellent in pregnancy - is it safe?
Can you use insect repellent when you're pregnant and what natural repellents are available?

12 July 2010

Family friendly festivals you can enjoy with a baby or a bump
Top festivals that welcome families, babies and mums-to-be!

21 May 2010

There are 11 articles
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