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When to travel in pregnancy?

When is safe to travel, fly, drive and get in a bit of couple time before the birth?

Posted: 1 August 2010
by Sarah Lawson

Travelling in pregnancy might not have crossed your mind in the excitement of painting the new baby's room, browsing for buggies and squeezing ante-natal appointments into your worklife. But it's a good idea to set aside at least one lovely pre-birth break for you and your partner to enjoy some quality time when you are expecting.

The best time to travel

If you booked a trip before you knew you were expecting, don't reach for the phone to cancel just yet. Talk to your GP about the date you are booked to go, how long you will be away, what modes of transport you plan to use, and whether or not you need any vaccinations. (If you are planning to get pregnant and might be taking a major trip to the other side of the world in the next year or so, you'd be advised to get your jabs in before you conceive.)

Once you are pregnant, tiredness, morning sickness and the increased chance of miscarriage during the early weeks can make long journeys by car, train or bus, at the very least uncomfortable. If possible, avoid air travel during this time. But if you must travel, consult your doctor.

Between 14 and 28 weeks, you will feel better and be more confident about the pregnancy and now you can enjoy a trip. Your doctor, midwife or consultant can advise you if you have any conditions which make long journeys or any kind of air travel inadvisable. For most women, flights won't be a problem.

If you have a condition affecting your heart, blood or a risk of pre-term labour, speak to your GP or consultant before booking a trip away, at any time during the pregnancy.

Special breaks without the epic journey

If you don't feel up to a major trip or a medical condition makes staying near home a sensible option, why not spend some of that holiday fund on a great break nearer home?

Check out the luxury hotels in your region. Many have spa treatments and if you say you are pregnant when you book, good ones will make sure they have someone booked in to their salon when you're there, who knows how to practice safe pregancy well-being and pampering treatments.

For more about taking trips when you are expecting, check out Safe Travel in Pregnancy and if you are thinking of heading for a warmer climate, check out Staying Cool when it's Hot.

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