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Essential tips for a healthy pregnancy

Looking after yourself during pregnancy will give your baby the best start in life. Follow these golden rules for a happy and healthy nine months

Posted: 21 February 2011
by Liz Stansfield

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Monitor your pregnancy emotions

Welling up for no reason or shouting at your partner over the washing-up? Don’t panic. “It’s
common to feel over-emotional and moody in pregnancy,” reassures health and wellbeing
consultant Liz Tucker (

“Not only is your system racing with extra hormones, but your body’s also working hard so it’s not surprising you might feel knackered and grumpy.” Your body shape is also changing and
this can take its toll on your emotional state.

Share your thoughts

"Chat about any concerns with your family, friends or midwife,” suggests Liz. “Don’t bottle it
up. Get on the phone, go and meet a mate, and be honest about how you’re feeling.” Also, make
sure you tell the dad-to-be in your life so he can be involved and prepared for any irrational outbursts.

Do some deep breathing

Try and fit in mini relaxation breaks to still your racing mind. Whenever you come to
a natural break during the day, such as after a phone call, take five deep breaths to stay calm.

Plan ahead so you're prepared

Try and remember the good things about pregnancy – like the fact that you’re growing
a beautiful baby. “Make time to sort out your house and baby stuff , as this’ll empower and relax
even the most stressed bump,” suggests Liz.

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Essential tips for a healthy pregnancy
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