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How your pregnant bump loves your unborn baby

Find out the reassuring ways your growing bump is helping your baby to form and develop from the moment you conceive

Posted: 11 November 2010
by Liz Stansfield

Your bump - Helps develops your baby's lungs
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Amazing bump fact 4 – it prepares her lungs her birth

When the big day arrives, you’ll be eagerly awaiting your baby’s first cry when she enters the world. That happy noise is all down to your body helping your baby grow a substance called surfactant, which is produced inside your baby’s lungs right from the conception.

“Surfactant is fluid that grows with your baby to help her lungs open when she takes her first breath,” says Joanne. “If the baby is premature, she might be given extra surfactant using a breathing tube if she hasn’t developed enough before birth to help with her breathing.”

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