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Lavender in Pregnancy

It's important to relax and enjoy your pregnancy when you can and lavender is a wonderful way to help!

Posted: 28 May 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

During pregnancy, you have the best reason in the world to keep as healthy as possible. Yet somehow, it no longer seems like a chore!
Wanting to eat and drink the right things and simply look after yourself become so much more important. Even when it comes down to worries like pregnancy discomforts, it feels right to try the natural solution to morning sickness, for example. And although you should be wary of using some essential oils in pregnancy, lavender is a real hero!

Lavender in pregnancy
Lavender oil can be added to a bath to help soothe away pregnancy aches and pain and relieve stress. It can also act as a natural antiseptic and insect repellent which is useful as you will find many pharmaceutical ointments come with a warning to be avoided during pregnancy.
If you have the pregnancy snuffles or feel congested and are again unable to take over-the-counter chest medicines, you can use a drop or two of lavender oil in hot water as a steam inhalation.
When using lavender oil in pregnancy, you should make sure you have diluted the oils thoroughly if you are not using just a couple of drops in the bath. Ask the person at your health shop or pharmacy about specific dilutions if they are not stated on the packaging or aim to dilute to about one tenth of a mixture with a base oil. Then massage it on your legs and feet to ease fluid retention.
If you want to relax in the evening, you can burn lavender oil in a burner or even burn the dried stalks of the plant like incense.

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