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Miriam Stoppard's new pregnancy and baby books

The glamourous celeb doctor offers useful advice and tips in these handbag-sized guides to pregnancy and parenting.

Posted: 12 September 2006
by Laura Lee Davies

When you are pregnant, there are always a ton of questions you want to ask. Not all of them arise just at that point when you're going to see your midwife or doctor, and some seem to silly to say out loud! Still, our questions and concerns are always important if they make us feel better or more confident about our pregnancies.

Your New Baby by Dr Miriam Stoppard

These days, few of us live that close to mums, aunties or sisters who have already been through pregnancy. And when we do, we might find that the advice our mums can give us is about 20 or 30 years out of date! Most of us just want a few questions answered and to have a friendly voice to guide us through those months when our bodies change, or when we are suddenly parents in charge of precious little babies.

Whilst we'd like to think that ThinkBaby does help you make your way through the adventure of having a baby, we do appreciate there are times when you're not in front of a computer! For these times, you might actually prefer to have a book in your hand... Not everyone has time or the inclination to read vast encyclopaedias about healthcare when they're pregnant, and the new Dorling Kindersley series written by Dr Miriam Stoppard will suit a lot of women perfectly.

Priced £4.99, the paperbacks are a handy handbag size and are well designed, addressing health questions, possible concerns and also addressing the emotional side of having a baby.

'Healthy Pregnancy'
This easy-to-read book is a dip-into reference book about the development of the baby inside you, the need-to-know aspects of your healthcare and birth options, and a round-up of the do's and don't's of having a healthy pregnancy (including what to eat and what to avoid).

Healthy Pregnancy by Dr Miriam Stoppard

Boxes offering tips and advice on key issues are well designed and cover all the bases without overwhelming you with information.
Stoppard's approach is much more 'women's magazine' than text book, so tips about make-up during pregnancy etc, are lively and useful.

'Your New Baby'
All the essentials in terms of baby well-being and your bonding with baby (breastfeeding, baby massage, health and hygiene) are covered here.

You can buy entire books devoted to baby sleep routines, breastfeeding and baby health, so don't expect the information to be the most in-depth on the bookshelves, but it does give a new parent all they need to know when day-to-day questions and concerns arise.

'Child Health'
Babies and young children get sick very quickly but more often than not, a temperature or a rash is simply their body's way of working through a minor upset. Knowing what to look for and when it's worth calling the doctor is important, because otherwise you'll be in the surgery every week!

This book is a useful at-a-glance guide to common childhood illnesses and injuries. How to spot heat rash, what to do with a splinter and when you need to give medicine - it's all covered here, along with some useful boxes on dealing with sickness, what first aid and medical care to give, and what symptoms to look for.

'You and Your Toddler'
Toddler growth charts and tips for meals are accompanied by useful boxes on general health, toddlers and pets, etc.
There is valuable information on how toddlers play, interact and learn, plus advice on how to deal with their behaviour, encouraging their mental and social development, and general concerns about life with a small person!

Each book costs £4.99 and they are newly published through

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