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Pregnancy Beauty: Nails

Doing your nails is one of those little luxury 'me-time' activities many love, but is it safe in pregnancy?

Posted: 1 December 2008
by Laura Lee Davies

Pregnancy Beauty: Nails As with your hair and your skin, the hormonal changes of pregnancy can leave your nails dry and easily broken when you are expecting a baby.
Some quality me-time is essential when you are trying to de-stress in pregnancy but did you know that some of the chemicals in regular nail polishes could be unhealthy for you and for your baby?

Beware the chemicals in nail products
Even some women who are not or have never been pregnant get a bad reaction to nail polish because of the strong chemicals used in almost all brands: Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyle Phthalate.
There is not a great deal of research data on these chemicals and their longterm effects on pregnant women and the babies they are carrying. However, they are powerful chemicals, and given that we are so very cautious with other ingredients such as essential oils during pregnancy, it makes sense to be wary rather than taking on risks for the sake of nice nails!

Enjoying beautiful nails in pregnancy
Fear not, you don't have to put up with duff nails for nine months if you really do enjoy having twinkling fingers and toes!
For a start, make sure you are keeping up your intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 as these valuable oils are great for keeping your body's parts in great shape.
Buffing is good! Try not to be too hard on the skin around your fingernails, as your skin can be much more sensitive during pregnancy, but there is no reason why you can't use a nail file to keep your tips trim and well-shaped.
Go for safe polish. There are a handful of pregnancy-safe products on the market, the latest being a great range that was developed in Australia by a mother called Eva Karpati.

Karpati nail care
The Karpati range was developed by Eva Karpati with the main aim of giving women the chance to put something safe on their bodies. Aware that chemicals get easily absored through our nails and cuticles, Karpati developed her entire range of polishes and other nail products: Strength Base Coat or Top Coat, Cuticle Oil, Diamond Finish and Nail Treatment.
The fact that the whole range is safe to use means that you can treat yourself to the salon experience from start to finish. Plus the range offers some wonderful rich colours from subtle clear and almost-clear shades to vivid pinks, reds and browns, as well as Shimmer and Refract Colours for the party season!
In action, the lacquers are really easy to apply because the ingredients and even the brushes are made from high quality ingredients and we found that they last incredibly well. (Especially with the Top Coat adding that extra sparkle!) We also found that the varnishes are easy to 'top up' as and when you do need to touch up the edges, rather than having to strip it all away and start again too regularly.

Clever design for women on the go
There is an added reason why the varnish is so easy to apply: the bottle comes with a unique design which fits over two fingers so that you can steady your nails whilst holding the bottle instead of having to find a handy flat surface to rest it on. This ingenious and curvaceous design has already been recognised by the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

The whole range of Karpati Nail Lacquers is available at £9.99 per 8ml bottle and the various Karpati nail treatments are £9.99 per 11.5ml bottle.
For stockist details, call 0844 557 6031 or go to The range is also available at Selfridges.

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