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Fasting for Ramadan during pregnancy affects baby
Muslim mums-to-be warned that religious fasting during Ramadan could be harmful to their unborn babies

25 June 2010

Revealed - Your strangest pregnancy cravings!
From raw meat to toothpaste, survey unveils the types of food pregnant women admit to craving

21 June 2010

Green tea not so healthy in pregnancy
Mums-to-be advised to limit green tea as it may prevent the benefits of folic acid

11 June 2010

Drinking small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy not harmful to baby
Study shoes that mums who are light to moderate drinkers even have children with a lower risk of mild psychological problems

10 June 2010

High weight gain in pregnancy linked to heart risks for baby
Children born to mums who put on more pregnancy pounds than recommended have higher risk of cardiovascular problems

02 June 2010

Pregnant women should eat more fish
Women should be allowed to eat more than 2 portions of oily fish a week during pregnancy

01 June 2010

Caffeine in pregnancy link to smaller babies
Mums-to-be who drink more than 6 cups of a coffee a day have smaller babies with lower birth weights

21 May 2010

Know-how: Coffee in Pregnancy
Latest findings make the Food Standards Agency adjust its advice to pregnant women, concerning coffee drinking

21 May 2010

Caffeine during pregnancy
Why you should cut back on drinks like tea and coffee in pregnancy

21 May 2010

Vitamin A in pregnancy leads to healthier lungs
Babies of mums-to-be who took vitamin A supplements during pregnancy found to have stronger lungs

13 May 2010

Low folic acid levels in pregnancy linked to hyperactive children
Study suggests there’s a connection between not getting enough folic acid in early pregnancy and hyperactivity

04 May 2010

Multivitamins in pregnancy cut chance of having underweight baby
A new study of London mums-to-be suggests vitamins can help both mum and baby

23 April 2010

Multivitamins in late pregnancy – talk to your midwife
A study has suggested multivitamins taken in late pregnancy may be linked to increased risk of premature births, but other experts disagree

15 April 2010

Mums-to-be need vitamin D
Doctors fear rickets may be on the rise

17 March 2010

Pregnant women told Vitamin E could prevent asthma in children
Eating grains and cereal could reduce risk, study finds

15 March 2010

Eat your greens to cut baby allergies
Lots of vegetables and citrus fruit during pregnancy may reduce the risk of your baby developing allergies

02 March 2010

Drinking milk during pregnancy may lower MS risk
More milk for mums-to-be could reduce baby's risk of multiple sclerosis, study suggests

12 February 2010

Foods you can enjoy in pregnancy
Although there are some no-gos in pregnancy, some foods like shellfish are perfectly safe, despite their 'bad press'!

30 November 2009

Avoiding mouldy food in pregnancy
Even those with a 'sturdy constitution' who are used to eating days'-old food should live by the sell-by rule when pregnant.

08 November 2009

Pregnancy and protein
When you are expecting a baby, getting good sources of protein is essential.

05 November 2009

41 to 60 of 104 articles.
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