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Calcium during pregnancy
Why you need it, particularly during pregnancy, and where to find it

29 December 2007

Omega-3 and Omega-6 in pregnancy
What do these essential fatty acids do, and how should you take them during pregnancy?

18 December 2007

Folic acid - the why and where
If you only take one pregnancy supplement, make it this

10 December 2007

New study on alcohol and pregnancy
Latest research finds "no convincing evidence" of a link between binge drinking and birth defects.

15 November 2007

What is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?
Exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - find out more about the causes, symptoms and treatment here

16 October 2007

Pregnant women to get cash to improve diet
A government initiative might see women get £200 towards eating a better diet when they are expecting a baby

10 September 2007

Alcohol in early pregnancy
If you find out you're pregnant after you have had an evening or two out, should you worry about what you have drunk?

07 August 2007

Sweeteners and fizzy drinks
Fizzy drinks can be great for morning sickness and as an alternative to your pre-pregnancy glass of wine, but go easy!

25 July 2007

New guidelines on alcohol in pregnancy
The Department of Health has changed its guidelines on alcohol to recommend no drinking in pregnancy.

25 May 2007

Alcohol while breastfeeding
Must you be t-total or is an occasional glass of wine or beer ok? Just how abstemious do you need to be?

27 April 2007

Avoiding processed foods in pregnancy
You might know about avoiding unpasteurised foods, but how can processed food affect your pregnancy?

05 March 2007

B vitamins in pregnancy
Skin, hair, hormones - they all need extra care in pregnancy, and keeping up your B vits through healthy eating.

14 December 2006

Pregnancy diet and nutrition
What you need and what you need to avoid

31 October 2006

New guidelines on oily fish
Health experts are agreed that the nutrients in oily fish are invaluable. But now a study claims it can be dangerous to have too much oily fish in pregnancy.

13 October 2006

Pregnancy multivitamins with Omega-3
Sanatogen's ProNatal multivitamin now comes with Omega-3 capsules to enhance your intake of valuable nutrients for your baby's brain development.

Calcium and pre-eclampsia
A study published by Tommy's Baby Charity shows a reduced risk of pre-eclampsia in women who take a calcium supplement.

15 August 2006

More research supports Vitamin D in pregnancy
A Canadian university has done further research into the value of Vitamin D intake during pregnancy.

25 April 2006

Folic Acid in Bread
The Food Standards Agency supports a move to add folic acid to all white bread to protect those trying for babies and pregnant women.

05 April 2006

Vitamin supplements and pre-eclampsia
Tommy's, the baby charity, has released a new study suggesting higher doses of vitamins C and E can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia.

31 March 2006

Magnesium intake during pregnancy
Why you need to up your magnesium intake when pregnant - and where to find it

23 February 2006

81 to 100 of 104 articles.
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