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10 pregnancy food craving healthy alternatives
Try these swaps for the foods your bump is craving to stop you gaining too much pregnancy weight

14 June 2012

What should I be eating the late stages of pregnancy?
Get the low down on what foods you need to eat in your third trimester

10 super foods for breastfeeding mums
Breastfeeding’s best for your baby’s growth and development – find out what you can eat to make it even better

20 March 2012

Pregnant? Watch those high street coffees
Shop-bought coffees found to contain more caffeine in one cup than a mum-to-be’s allowance for the whole day

01 December 2011

Omega-3 could reduce risk of premature birth and postnatal depression
Fish oils containing omega-3 found to reduce risk of early birth and lower the likelihood of postnatal depression, by new study

14 November 2011

Mum-to-be caves in to bonkers pregnancy craving
Pregnant artist admits giving in to her craving for roadkill

09 November 2011

Listeria case in melons raises concerns
A strange source of listeria poisoning highlights the importance of food hygiene during pregnancy

07 October 2011

Pregnancy obesity puts babies at risk
Obese mums-to-be found to have double the risk of suffering a stillbirth

21 September 2011

Low-fat yoghurt in pregnancy could be bad for your baby
More chance of asthma and allergies for your child if you choose the low-fat option in pregnancy

19 September 2011

Call for free vitamin D for pregnant women
Expert suggests vitamin D testing and free supplements for mums-to-be to combat rickets

19 August 2011

Fish oils could cut colds in babies
Taking Omega-3 supplements in pregnancy could reduce the chances of your baby getting sick

02 August 2011

Overeating in pregnancy could harm your baby
Experts warn against traditional advice about eating for two

27 June 2011

High-fat diet during pregnancy 'increases the risk of stillbirth'
An unhealthy diet decreases blood flow from mum to baby via the placenta, say researchers

06 June 2011

Omega-3 in pregnancy could prevent postnatal depression
A pregnancy diet rich in oily fish could reduce your risk of developing postnatal depression

13 April 2011

Eat eggs and steak in pregnancy for a calm baby
A pregnancy diet rich in vitamin B12 linked to calmer, more contented babies who cry less

21 March 2011

Iron in the first trimester leads to bigger babies
Pregnant women who get more iron in their diet during the first trimester have heavier babies, finds new research

04 March 2011

High doses of folic acid could be harmful in pregnancy
Folic acid is an essential vitamin for a healthy pregnancy, but too much could cause problems according to study

02 February 2011

Low calorie diets in early pregnancy can affect your baby’s brain
Pregnant women warned slimming can damage their baby’s intelligence

19 January 2011

What you eat shapes your baby’s sense of smell-in the womb!
Scientists say what a mum-to-be eats determines a new baby’s smelling system

02 December 2010

Mums-to-be still using pregnancy as an excuse to overeat
Despite NHS guidelines advising limits on extra calories, majority of pregnant women are eating too much

23 November 2010

1 to 20 of 104 articles.
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