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Mums-to-be still using pregnancy as an excuse to overeat

Despite NHS guidelines advising limits on extra calories, majority of pregnant women are eating too much

Posted: 23 November 2010
by Kimberley Smith
mums overeat muffins in pregnancy

Despite being told not to overindulge in pregnancy, most mums-to-be are still eating too many calories. One in three admit pregnancy is their excuse for treating themselves and 89% confessed to enjoying between 400 and 600 extra calories a day.

Just over 1,100 mums-to-be were asked about their eating habits by Over half, 52%, admitted they consumed between 400 and 500 extra calories on top of the recommended 2,000 a day. A further 37% munched on even more – between 500 and 600 extra calories.

Only 12% of mums-to-be were aware of the NHS guidelines and 39% admitted eating foods they considered “indulgent” while pregnant. Of the 26% who experience cravings, 12% wanted savoury foods while 42% had more of a sweet tooth.

It’s just during the last three months of your pregnancy that you’ll need a few extra calories – but only around 200. Find out more about your pregnancy diet needs and how what you eat could affect the gender of your baby.

What did you indulge yourself on in pregnancy?

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