Pregnancy diet and nutrition
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Pregnancy diet and nutrition

What you need and what you need to avoid

Posted: 31 October 2006
by ThinkBaby

Good nutrition from a healthy, well-balanced diet is essential during pregnancy. Not only do you need important nutrients and plenty of energy to grow your developing baby, but you also need them to help your own body avoid or cope with the many potential discomforts of pregnancy.

Vitamins and minerals

Foodstuffs and drinks to avoid

General diet and nutrition

Multiple pregnancies

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In Asia pregnancy women was advice to take saffron because they beleive that if they took that regularly means the new born baby will be very fair.Is that right?

Usually saffron will be mixed in milk to take but i dont like the flavour of milk so can you please suggest me what are all the other options to take saffron.

thank you

Posted: 28/02/2007 at 12:18

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