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Pregnancy obesity puts babies at risk

Obese mums-to-be found to have double the risk of suffering a stillbirth

Posted: 21 September 2011
by Jayne Braithwaite
Pregnant belly with measuring tape
Excess weight on you may make your baby bigger too

Pregnant women who are seriously overweight or obese, have been discovered to have a 50% higher chance of stillbirth than those of a normal weight. The study, by baby charity Tommy’s, found that 9,500 babies are born each year with problems related to their mum’s weight.

As well as doubling the risk of stillbirth, obesity in pregnancy can also cause long term health problems for children as well as making labour more difficult and dangerous. It also increases the likelihood of other pregnancy problems such as preeclampsia.

Tommy’s has advised women to remember guidelines that recommend only increasing your food intake in the last 12 weeks of pregnancy, and only by an extra 200 calories a day (that’s just two slices of bread). It has also launched a Five Point Pregnancy Plan, to help advice women about topics such as nutrition and weight management.

Find out more about weight gain in pregnancy and foods you should be avoiding.

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