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Beating morning sickness with common scents

Does your fruit bowl hold the cure for your morning sickness?

Posted: 13 September 2010
by ThinkBaby

Scents for morning sickness relief

Morning sickness can hit you with varying degrees of severity. There are many things you can do to alleviate the symptons or to avoid it altogether, if your condition is not extreme. You may also want to try out some more of our tips for coping with morning sickness But before that, try these sweet ideas...

  • Mandarin Avoiding stress is easier said than done if you're feeling sick a lot of the time, especially if you are in early pregnancy and don't want to share the reasons for your nausea with those around you. However, while there are some essential oils which you definitely avoid during pregnancy, some, like mandarin, are good for many things including relieving stress. Burn it or massage it into your feet to help bring you back to a relaxed state and to remind you that you deserve to take it easy with time for yourself.

  • Ginger and lemon Everything from ginger ale to ginger biscuits have been known to help relieve nausea. It's a strong smell and one you might need to avoid if you're not usually a fan, but otherwise, try sipping some ginger tea.
    Cut a lemon in half and either inhale it fresh or add it to hot water as a simple drink.

  • Peppermint It's a strong aroma but for some reason, many women find that sucking on a peppermint or drinking peppermint tea alleviates the feeling of morning sickness.

  • Melon and cucumber You need to make sure you are keeping your fluids up, especially if you have actually been sick. However, filling up on drinking water might be putting you off. Instead, watery fruits and vegetables are freshing and will help keep you hydrated.

  • Fresh air Smoky rooms and indeed any strong odours are common triggers for those susceptible to morning sickness. If your journey to work takes you along a busy road, you will probably be a lot more conscious of the traffic fumes already, so where you can, try to change your route to a safe but less busy one. Even in winter months, try to get outdoors to places where you can fill your lungs with some good quality air rather than sitting in air-conditioned or stuffy environments all through the day. If you are inside, place your head by (not under!) a running cold water tap can help revive yourself.

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Hi everyone, as you can tell im new to being pregnant and to this forum. but im glad to be able to read all of your messages, some are really useful!!!
im only 10 weeks so im still abit pukey!
so if anyone has good tips for how to deal with sickness id appreciate it.
thanx. haley

Posted: 16/01/2006 at 14:10

Hi Haley,

Is this your first then?

This is my first pregnancy and I was pukey for quite a while, until about week 17. It changed over time in terms of what would work, but usually the best thing to do for me was to try and snack on dried fruit, nuts and muesli bars so I avoided getting hungry (and so nauseous) in the first place.

There's a very good article with lots of tips in the pregnancy section of the site, I found the tips on lemon, ginger and peppermint particularly useful.

Hope that helps and hope that you don't have so much longer left of being pukey.

Posted: 16/01/2006 at 14:19

Hi yeah this is my first and im finding the sickness abit tough going! but its only for a few weeks so they say eh?! thanx for the tip on that article i'll have a read and hopefully it helps.
so how far along are you know??
and does it get more exciting as you grow bigger?? i can't wait!!

Posted: 16/01/2006 at 14:23

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit sick Haley. It's awful when you're at that point when you don't necessarily want to let everyone know yet, either. I agree with Scribbler - I found peppermint tea really good.
That period will pass - especially if you're not being really badly sick at the moment.
If you're only 10 weeks then you'll really notice a change over the next 10 weeks. It was so weird when there were suddenly dresses I just couldnt' button up anymore, even though I didn't think I was particularly showing at that point! xxx

Posted: 16/01/2006 at 14:31

Here's the actual link for you Haley:

I'll be 24-weeks tomorrow.

To be honest I didn't really enjoy the first few months of pregnancy all that much, though it did help when I heard the baby's heartbeat with a doppler as it makes you realise why you feel so bad. Because you don't yet look pregnant and, if you're like us, no-one knows, you need to remind yourself why it is that you feel so bad and tired, the crucial development work is all up to week 12, by that stage you've made an incredibly tiny baby! It helps to keep that in mind when you're bending over the toilet bowl and your stomach feels like it's detaching itself from the rest of your body.

From week 17 onwards I began to feel a lot better, and haven't thrown up at all since week 19. Also, people know now, so I'm less embarrassed by feeling tired and unsociable at times. And I'm now starting to show, which in some ways is a nuisance (clothes and having to get new ones) and in others is fantastic.

I think I really turned the corner sometime towards the end of week 15 when I unmistakably felt movement. It was both a physical and mental change. Now I can feel lots of movement and see plenty too, so there's no doubt that I have a small human inside.

In all it's amazing how quickly time flies, and the one thing I'd recommend is that you listen to your body. When you have energy then use it and when you need a rest then try not to feel guilty about taking one.

Posted: 16/01/2006 at 14:38

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