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Dizziness in Pregnancy

Feeling faint in pregnancy is not uncommon but can signal various mild problems

Posted: 9 October 2009
by Laura Lee Davies

When you're pregnant, you have more blood flowing round your system. However, this increase demands higher iron levels and this can be a problem for many women. Although women are tested early in their pregnancy for anaemia, it can develop later on and many doctors will ask you to have another iron test if they are at all concerned.

If you are getting fainting spells, it can be as a result of iron deficiency and the lack of red blood cells being created. This condition can be easily rectified with a course of iron tablets but expectant mothers may find it advisable to increase their intake of iron-rich foods or take a multivitamin containing iron, bearing in mind that a source of vitamin C should be taken at the same time as iron-rich foods to ensure effective absorbtion.

It is more common to experience dizziness or feeling faint during pregnancy rather than all-out fainting spells. These can be caused when the body is changing and blood supply hasn't yet increased to meet new needs, or because your blood sugar level is low.

  • When you are pregnant you should always carry some snacks with you as going without food will affect your far more than when you weren't pregnant.

  • Try to avoid getting too hot and be aware, when you are in and out of shops, for example, of undoing your coat when inside. Even in winter you will notice you are much hotter than you usually are so wear layers you can peel off when at work or out and about.

  • Lying down will help blood circulation to the brain, if you feel faint.

  • If you do get frequent dizzy spells, mention it to your midwife next time you see her. If you faint, call your doctor. It is probably not a major problem but is always worth checking out sooner rather than later.

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