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Cycling in pregnancy - is it safe?
Can you ride your bicycle when you’re pregnant?

23 June 2011

Easy ways to get fit for labour from pregnancy fitness expert Amanda Hargreaves
Pregnancy exercise is great for you and your baby and can help make your body prepare for labour, but there are some things to bear in mind as a working out mum-to-be

08 June 2011

Amanda Hargreaves' mini-workout for mums-to-be
Kickstart your pregnancy exercise regime from your living room

07 June 2011

Stylish maternity exercise clothing for active mums-to-be
We've rounded up the most stylish and practical pregnancy exercise gear for you to dress your baby bump in while you stay active

17 January 2011

Jane Wake's keep fit tips for pregnancy and beyond
Fitness expert, Jane Wake, gives you all the facts you need to keep active - during pregnancy and after your baby's born

09 June 2010

Swimming in pregnancy
Swimming's always a great way to exercise and in pregnancy, it helps support that bump, too!

18 May 2010

Exercise during pregnancy stops new mums gaining weight
New mums are struggling to avoid piling on the pounds after giving birth, says new survey

07 May 2010

Ask expert
What exercises should I do after my baby’s born to get muscle tone back in my stomach?

03 February 2010

What exercise is safe during pregnancy?
If you're a keen sportswoman you might be wondering if you need to hang up your trainers for the duration of your pregnancy, well not necessarily....

13 November 2009

Pregnancy exercise: Signs you're overdoing it
Exercise in pregnancy is fantastic for most mums-to-be, but you do need to stick within your limits and be well aware of when you're working your body too hard

02 November 2009

Exercise during pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy is important both for a healthy pregnancy and an easier birth, it's great for your mental well-being too

16 October 2009

Exercise during pregnancy: Focus on yoga
Antenatal yoga practice can bring great benefit to pregnant mums, before, during and after labour

01 September 2009

Why pregnancy exercise is good for your baby
If you take the right precautions, regular exercise can be beneficial in pregnancy for you and for your baby

06 July 2009

Sports to avoid during pregnancy
When it come to exercising during pregnancy, some sports are less safe than others

04 April 2009

Pregnancy Exercise: Walking
We don't always fancy exercise when we're tired, but getting that pregnancy bump out for a walk will re-energise you!

21 March 2009

Pregnancy Exercise and Pre-eclampsia
A new study makes a link between too much exercise in early pregnancy and the increased risk of developing pre-eclampsia

01 January 2009

Exercising in early pregnancy
You might not look very pregnant yet, but your body is changing - what do you need to know before exercising?

16 September 2008

What are Kegel exercises?
Keeping your pelvic floor muscles toned is important for birth and afterwards. Plus it has long term benefits.

10 June 2008

Baby Boot Camp
Fitness sessions for pregnant women and new mums to help them feel good plus prepare for and recover from the birth

11 February 2008

Know-how: Pelvic Floor Muscles
You'll hear lots of ante-natal talk about pelvic floor muscle exercises, but what are they and why are they vital?

01 May 2007

1 to 20 of 22 articles.
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