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Baby Boot Camp

Fitness sessions for pregnant women and new mums to help them feel good plus prepare for and recover from the birth

Posted: 11 February 2008
by Louise Rogers

Baby Boot Camp
No, you won’t be putting your baby through her paces on an assault course, however, you will be training hard, either to keep fit during pregnancy or to regain your fitness levels post-birth.

What is Baby Boot Camp?
Baby Boot Camp is in fact a series of fitness classes designed to help you through this special time in your life – they were started in the States by Kristen Horler in 2001. Following the birth of her first child, Horler searched the San Francisco Bay area for a postnatal fitness class but found she was unable to find a challenging workout without hiring a personal trainer and a babysitter or joining a gym. Drawing from her experience as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, triathlete and mother, she developed Baby Boot Camp.

Baby Boot Camp comes to the UK
Now Baby Boot Camp has arrived in London (and will hopefully be available elsewhere soon), so English mothers can feel the benefits. Antenatal classes aim to prepare you for delivery and the demands of motherhood.
Meanwhile, babies join in the postnatal workout in classes that combine strength-training exercises with cardiovascular drills and yoga and Pilates-based exercises for core strength.
As well as getting you fit, you’ll also get to meet other mothers, and will, of course, be setting a great example of healthy behaviour to your little one. Mums can request their first class free and, as an introductory offer, class packages come with a gift for mum and baby.
Classes start at £15 for one and drop to as low as £10 a class for packages.

For class times and locations visit or call 07786 868061. Personal training is also available.

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