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5 tips to make Dad's first Father's day special
Try these simple ideas to make your first Father's Day together extra magical

12 June 2012

Dad-to-be pregnancy calendar
The essential pregnancy milestones a dad-to-be needs to know

19 April 2012

Tips for dads to get involved with pregnancy and birth
Midwife Dr Mary Steen-Greeves shares her advice with dads-to-be and new dads

15 November 2011

Dads need to be more involved, say midwives
Royal College of Midwives to publish guide to help dads become more involved in pregnancy, birth and their new baby

15 November 2011

Dads-to-be go through pregnancy cravings and mood swings with their partners
One in four expectant dads experience pregnancy symptoms

25 May 2011

Labour and birth – how your partner can get involved
Expert advice from midwives and mums for dads-to-be during labour

16 May 2011

Dads-to-be and pregnancy – how to involve your partner
How to help dads-to-be take an active role in your pregnancy

11 April 2011

Most dads won’t taste their partner’s breast milk
Only one in 10 dads lets their curiosity get the better of them when it comes to breast milk

04 April 2011

Nearly half of dads won’t use new paternity rights
Concerns about their careers will prevent four in ten dads taking advantage of new parental leave laws

29 March 2011

10 months paternity leave for dads?
Coalition set to announce plans extending paternity leave to help mums and dads divide childcare responsibilities more equally and give dads a better chance to bond

17 January 2011

Big dads more likely to have small babies
Babies of obese and overweight men have a higher chance of being born with a low birth rate, according to a new study

08 December 2010

Extended paternity leave gets the thumbs up
New survey reveals 46% of dads would take new extended paterntiy leave, due to be introduced in April 2011

03 November 2010

Dad-to-be tops the list of potential birth partners
More than half of pregnant ladies want their other half by their side when they go into labour

14 September 2010

“Dad” hormones help men bond with their babies
Levels of “fatherhood” hormones rise in new dads found to help them connect with their newborn babies

16 August 2010

Hero dad delivers and revives baby
Dad Jon Lock delivers baby daughter in seven minutes, the second ‘superdad’ in as many weeks

16 August 2010

Dads want to stay at home
Nearly half of all fathers would prefer to stay-at-home and look after their children, research reveals

03 August 2010

93% of men think being a dad is the most significant role
Survey reveals that a growing number of men are desperate to become dads, creating a nation of ‘Brokes’ (broody blokes)

12 July 2010

Men get pregnancy symptoms too – official!
Dads-to-be experience cravings, morning sickness and bloated tums, say scientists

16 June 2010

5 of the best Father's Day gifts for dads-to-be
Dads-to-be are just as important this Father's Day - crank up the anticipation with our top gifts

09 June 2010

5 of the best Father's Day Gifts for a new dad
Great ideas to celebrate your brand new daddy's first Father's Day

09 June 2010

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