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Big dads more likely to have small babies

Babies of obese and overweight men have a higher chance of being born with a low birth rate, according to a new study

Posted: 8 December 2010
by Kimberley Smith
Big dad with small babies
Bigger men may have smaller babies

If you’re losing weight to help you conceive, here’s the perfect evidence you need to get your hubby involved with your healthy eating plan too. According to a new study in New Zealand, being overweight can increase dads’ chances of having babies with a low birth weight.

The study looked at the birth weights of babies born to 2,000 couples in Auckland and Adelaide. Once maternal factors were removed, there was still a link between smaller babies and larger dads.

“This suggests that birth size could, in part, be inherited through the paternal germ line,” said Professor McCowen, the lead researcher. “It also provides some support for the theory that low birth-weight is linked to later obesity.”

There’s plenty of advice out there suggesting weight loss for women who are preparing to have a baby. But if your partner’s a little on the heavy side, find out more about what he can do to help improve your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

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