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Non-alcoholic cocktails
“Mocktails” for mums-to-be that are safe to drink in pregnancy

02 December 2012

10 ways to have a safe festive pregnancy
Know your dos and don'ts - here's how to enjoy the festivities with a bump

Anaemia in pregnancy
Symptoms and signs of becoming anaemic during pregnancy and treatment options

27 February 2012

Can you get your period when you’re pregnant?
It might sound like a silly question, but trust us it’s not

24 February 2012

Thrombosis (DVT) and labour
Deep Vein Thrombosis and blood clotting can occur in labour, particularly if you've been at a higher risk during your pregnancy

21 February 2012

Thrombosis (blood cots) and DVT in pregnancy
The risk of getting a blood clot in a vein (thrombosis) increases with pregnancy so make sure you know the symptoms and how to get help

21 February 2012

Plus-size pregnancy
How your weight could affect you and your baby

16 February 2012

Could anti-depressants taken during pregnancy make your child autistic?
New study highlights the link between SSRI drugs and the behaviour typical of autism

25 October 2011

Mum whose two babies died from swine flu campaigns for better immunisation
Gemma Ameen who lost her 3-year-old and unborn baby to swine flu last year is now campaigning for all youngsters to be immunised

20 September 2011

Royal College of Midwives releases figures on the shortages of midwives in regions across the UK
The RCM calls on David Cameron and the Government to honour its pre-election pledge to increase the number of midwives

15 September 2011

Pregnant women unaware of the dangers of ibuprofen
Scientists have found that pregnant women who use ibuprofen are twice as likely to have a miscarriage

07 September 2011

Older mums need improved standards of care during pregnancy and childbirth
Experts say a worrying number of older pregnant women are at risk of complications during pregnancy and labour

12 August 2011

Pregnancy bleeding, spotting, pregnancy cramps,
When you're pregnant, any pains in the first trimester lead to a panic that they're signs of miscarriage. But do pregnancy cramps, pregnancy bleeding or spotting always mean problems?

04 August 2011

Mothers using nicotine gum in pregnancy are still harming their unborn babies
Giving up smoking in pregnancy and switching to nicotine patches can give your baby problems in later life

21 July 2011

Mums-to-be keep smoking to have smaller babies and an easier birth
Doctors at international conference on reproduction are scathing of those women believed to be putting the lives of their unborn child at risk

08 July 2011

Is it safe to have a cat when you're pregnant?
60% of mums feel that their new baby could catch an illness from their cat due to toxoplasmosis concerns

13 June 2011

BBQ safety in pregnancy
How to keep you and your baby bump healthy without missing out on the fun of barbecue season

02 June 2011

Baby sues Virgin Airlines for listeria poisoning before he was born
A baby whose mum suffered food poisoning from in-flight food while she was pregnant is named as the plaintiff in case against Virgin Airlines

24 May 2011

Calls to test mums-to-be for hidden thyroid problems
Early testing could predict your chances of having a thyroid condition during pregnancy or after giving birth

04 May 2011

New research urges pregnant women not to drink alcohol
Just a small amount of alcohol in pregnancy found to increase chances of premature birth

11 April 2011

1 to 20 of 120 articles.
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