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All pregnant women to be offered winter flu jabs

£100 million programme planned for mums-to-be

Posted: 30 September 2010
by Liz Stansfield

All pregnant women will be offered a seasonal flu jab for the first time under new plans from the Government.

The plan has been introduced because the swine flu virus, which is thought to be more risky for mums-to-be, is likely to still be circulating this winter.

The vaccine offered to expectant mums will offer protection against swine flu and two other flu strains.

While it’s a temporary move at the moment due to swine flu concerns, experts are looking at evidence that all mums-to-be need the jab every winter, joining the estimated 14 million people who receive it. This group includes the over 65s and those with diabetes.

The Department of Health says GPs have already started giving the vaccine and will complete the £100 million programme by December.

The Government is urging all at-risk groups to take-up the jab, and you can ask your GP for advice on it.

Read our swine flu and pregnancy guide if you’re worried about the illness.

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