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I'm 30 weeks pregnant and my body aches! Why is my lower region so sore?

Posted: 2 March 2008
by Sarah Jarvis

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and my body aches! My lower region is especially sore, and i'm not sure if this is a serious problem or something that just comes with being pregnant. No name given

Sarah Jarvis
Full-time GP and member of the Royal College of GPs

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Sarah says…
Lower backache, I'm afraid, is a bit of an occupational hazard of pregnancy. For one thing, your entire centre of gravity changes with your shape, putting more strain on your lumbar and sacral spine (the part of your pelvis from the top of the pelvis downwards). For another, your ligaments become much more lax, so that your pelvis can stretch enough to let the baby's head through.

But there are things you can do to help. Lumbar supports for chairs, and sometimes a support belt that your wear around your lower tummy, can be effective. So too is physiotherapy - have a chat with your GP about a referral. The physiotherapist will also be able to advise about back supports.

If the pain is in your lower region is at the front, it could be due to several causes. One is round ligament pain - caused by stretching of the ligaments in your lower tummy, and usually felt as a sharp pain in your groin.

Another is symphisis pubis pain, which comes from the join at the front of your pubic bone and can cause pain in the pubic area, groin and inner thighs. Again, physiotherapy can help.

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about six weeks ago i went for a scan and found out the baby had die so i went in to hospital to have the tablets to past the baby and that worked but one day later i had to go back in to have a dnc and there was a blood clot in my womb.

i just want to now why i have'nt started bleeding yet and why do i have sore boobs and i feel sick some times

could you poeple help to put my mind to rest

many thanks

jane brown

Posted: 28/03/2008 at 00:14



Is there a better position for sex with a retroverted uterus in order to get pregnant? And can my husband do a cleanse during our  trying to conceive time frame?

Much thanks in advance.


Posted: 28/03/2008 at 01:24

i have recently had my third early miscarriage, the first 1, 6 yrs ago was at 9 weeks the second , was 4 yrs ago at 5 weeks and this one was at 7 weeks, are there  any tests that i could have done which might tell me why this keeps happening? i have had a full pregnancy as i've got a 12 yr old son

Posted: 18/04/2008 at 17:15

hi all,

just joined 5 mins ago as im after some help as ive heard so many stories.

My first day of last period was the 26th of March, finished periods on the 4th of April. I had sex since the 7th of April everyday bar one until the 29th of April (hubby was home from iraq so.....

Had my usual (what i call,contraction pains and period pains) days prior to this but with no period, just a pink stain on my panties on the 18th April then nothing more, i have had cramps since but not my usual ones...achy back and niggles down at pubic area. Boobs have started feeling heavy and although i havent seemed to put on any weight, i feel larger and bloated.

Had a tightening beside belly button last night and have started to have small, sharp pains in and behind nipples. Felt sick for the past 2/3 days and was a little sick whilst brushing my teeth this morning.

Very aggitated and although i dont have period like pains all the time, they come and go.

Did a home test 3/4 days ago but neg....please help as i think im going mad.


Posted: 08/05/2008 at 19:05

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