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Mums-to-be told - “Take care of your teeth!”

Dentists warn of the dangers to your baby if you neglect your oral health in pregnancy

Posted: 25 November 2010
by Kimberley Smith
mum-to-be taking care of her teeth
Take care of your teeth for you and your baby

Mums-to-be have been remindedto keep on top of their oral hygiene in pregnancy as it can have a significant impact on their baby. A report, published in the December issue of General Dentistry, has encouraged dentists to educate and motivate their patients about the importance of looking after their teeth, particularly in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, you can suffer from the gum infection, gingivitis, tumours and bleeding or inflamed gums.

“Pregnancy gingivitis and gingival enlargement are thought to be the result of a heightened response to the bacteria in the mouth,” said a spokesman from the Academy of General Dentists.

Around 10% of mums-to-be suffer pregnancy tumours. These are non-cancerous and usually don’t hurt. But they can be alarming as they can be red or purple and bleed spontaneously.

If you’re a mum-to-be, you’re advised to continue your standard 6-monthly regular- check ups and consult a dentist if you notice changes in your oral health. And don’t forget you’re entitled to free dental treatment on the NHS during while you’re pregnant.

Find out more about your dental health in pregnancy.

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